General FAQ

Will there be multiplayer?

No, Children of a Dead Earth is single player only.

What engine was this game made with?

The engine was entirely developed in-house, because no other engine on the market could easily handle a 1:1 scale solar system, or the depth of simulation needed for the game's combat.

What is the minimum spec?

- Windows 7+ or Mac OS X Lion+
- 200 MB of disk space
- Intel Core i5 @ 1.70 GHz processor
- 2 GB of RAM
- 1280x800 Resolution
- Intel HD Graphics 4000

What if I am a scientist/engineer and I'm not interested in the game, only the science behind it?

If you are not interested in playing through the levels, you can access Ship Design, Module Design, and all of the science behind the game immediately and test out your creations in the Sandbox. To do so, go into Infolinks->Concepts->Unlocking Content. There will be a button which allows you to unlock the science of the game immediately, rather than unlocking it by playing through the levels.

Where can I read more about the science in the game?

The blog goes into depth about the science of the game. [Blog]

Will the game be translated to other languages?

There is no official translation, however, if fans are willing to translate the game content, this content can be officially included in the game. A fan has currently translated one of the trailers into Chinese, so a Chinese language patch may be released after the game ships. [Chinese trailer]

What can you tell me about your company?

Children of a Dead Earth was developed entirely by Zane Mankowski of Q Switched Productions, LLC. [Twitter]

Music was created by Nigel Stanford. [Nigel Stanford's Site]